About Southwestern Fundraising

Helping People Achieve Their Goals and Dreams

Southwestern Fundraising, Inc. is one of our nation’s oldest and most respected fundraising companies. With experienced representatives and trainers, serving the 48 contiguous states we have helped raise over $5 billion for schools and non-profit organizations since 1975!

Growing Strong!

Since our inception we have been committed to building the most preferred fundraising team in the nation. We attract the best and brightest consultants ready to make a difference. In addition, experienced veteran representatives from companies like QSP, Lemonade Stand, Kathryn Beich, Henco, Nasco, NCS, Sally Foster, Century Resources, and Red Apple have chosen to continue their careers at Great American. When you combine years of experience with new talent and innovation, it is easy to understand how we have become the industry leader in fundraising companies.

Our Heritage

We believe long-term success begins with a commitment to people. Our sister company, The Southwestern Company, was founded in 1855.

Southwestern’s motto, “Building Character in Young People,” serves as the foundation for Great American. We believe young people gain valuable life skills and experiences by participating in fund raising events:

  • Setting goals
  • Working as a team
  • Presenting their needs to the public
  • Delivering products
  • Working on an individual goal
  • Collecting money
  • Achieving a goal

It is our commitment to people that drives every part of our business. We believe if we help our customers reach their goals and dreams we will reach ours as well.

Commitment to people-to the people we serve-and to the people who build our companies. That is what we are all about.